Niv Klainer - Director

Born in Israel , 1979 
2006 – 2007    * BINGER FILMLAB
                           Amsterdam School of the Arts, The Netherlands.
                           Postgraduate Film and Television Program. 
2003 – 2006    * SAM SPIEGEL
                           Film & Television School, Jerusalem, Israel.
                          Majoring in writing and directing.
1999  – 2003    * TEL AVIV UNIVERSITY
                            The Entin Faculty of Humanities, Ramat Aviv, Israel.
                            BA in comparative literature and life sciences.

2009            * Bena (Drama, Director, Screen Writer)
                       83 Minutes, 35mm, HD, ISRAEL/FRANCE

2006            * Mr. Kurzweil Is Dead (Fiction, Director, Screen Writer, Actor, Editor)
                        17 Minutes, 16mm, ISRAEL.
                        Screened at the Cannes Film Festival 2006/ “Cinema Du Monde”
                        Shlomit is a lonely kindergartner who has nothing to lose except her mind.

2005             * Lost (Fiction, Director, Screen Writer, Producer)
                        7 Minutes, Video, ISRAEL
                       A mother tries to convince her teen-age daughter to come back home.   In the background are the girl's frustrated father and slimy boyfriend.

2004             * 12:21 (Fiction, Director, Screen Writer, Editor)
                        4 Minutes, 16mm, ISRAEL
                       A hotel cleaning lady finds herself caught in a fatal duel between two gangsters, where she eventually finds a lot of money and her death.

2003             * Mother (Fiction, Director, Screen Writer)
                        4 Minutes, video, ISRAEL
                       A child hides beneath a bed, where his mother lay bleeding after a possible suicide.

2002             * Door-sill (Science Fiction, Director, Screen Writer, Producer, Editor)
                       12 Minutes, Animation, video, ISRAEL
                       A being, half man half lizard, tries to find the history of a post-apocalyptic world.

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