Irit Shamgar - director


Studies of Architecture in Haifa Polytechnic
Studies of cinema in Tel Aviv University

Writer and Dirctor of "Lake 68"

Staff journalist in "Maariv"
Film critic of "Maariv" from 1981 till 2003
Lecturer of Cinema in the Open University, Tel Aviv and Haifa cinematheques,
Artistic advisor of the Haifa Film festival in 1995, 1990
Artistic advisor of the Cuban Film Week in Tel Aviv in 1999
Took part in international juries in Film festival of Amsterdam, Havana, and Vienna
among others.
Takes part regularly in the jury of Israel-America Foundation
Prize for the script "The Monk from Galilee" in the Tiberias Film Festival (together
with Oshra Shwartz)
"Dizzie Gillespie Doesn't Speak Hebrew",
"Heritage on Shavey Zion Street"
Short stories:
"The Polish Farmer"
The Washing Day""
"My Way to the Grocery Store"

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