Shmuel Beru - Director

Military Service
1996 – 1999       Israeli Army Theatre; Tel Hashomer, Israel                    
                        Comedy Actor and Director
1999 – 2000     Haifa University: Haifa, Israel
                       B.A.:  Political Science and Theatre

Acting Experience
2005                The Word of the Ethiopian One-Man Show;                                                                
                       Habima National Theatre; Tel Aviv, Israel.
2004                Adis' Wedding; The Children & Adolescent Theatre; Tel Aviv, Israel                         
2003               Journey to Legitimazitation; Israeli Television Keshet Channel 2; Comedy Corner 
1999               One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest; Habima National Theatre; Tel Aviv, Israel
1999 – Present Innocence with Beru;  Stand-up Comedy National Tour and Televised
1998               Julius Ceasar;  Habima National Theatre; Tel Aviv, Israel.
1997               Modern Times:  Amharic Language series on DVD; I wrote and performed. Includes three-                      part documentary series about a couple of comedians.
Directed by Avishy Mickonen                        for Television Broadcaster, Channel 1.
1996              The Man That Speaks About Himself One-Man Show directed by Dan Wolman;  Part                        of Festival Teatroneto in Habima National Theatre and the Suzanne Dellal  
Center for  Dance and Theatre; Tel Aviv, Israel.  
1996              Gas Station;  The Simta Theatre; Tel Aviv, Israel.                                                     
Zrubavel;  Feature Film I wrote and directed, Will premiere in Summer of 2008
2007              Little Black Riding Hood; parody of Little Red Riding Hood.  I wrote and directed. 


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