Dalia Karpel - Director

Dalia Karpel
1980 B.A., Tel Aviv University Film & Television Department
Professional Experience
Cultural Correspondent for the Army Broadcasting Service and Kol Israel since 1977. At the same time, directed items for TV shows and wrote scripts for several; documentaries.
Staff reporter for the monthly magazine “Monitin” since 1979, writer and researcher of film column. During the same period, prepared tv reports for the cultural shows on the Hebrew and Arabic program for Channel One Israeli Television.
Staff reporter for the weekly newspaper “Ha’ir”  from 1982-1992. Among the special reports prepared for the paper were: Kassem Village, 30 Years After the Massacre, The Wadi Salib Events, and The Davidescu Affair-The Man Executed by Lehi. Also conducted interviews and wrote portraits and general reports.
Staff reporter for the weekend supplement “Ha’Aretz” since 1992. Duties include research and writing portraits and interviews (ie, the first portrait of Yoland Harmer, a Jewish spy based in Egypt during the 1940’s; research and report on the bombing of the Jewish Agency in Jerusalem in 1947; article on Ze’ev Sternhal following the publication of his research on socialism in Israel).
“The Anonymous Pioneer” - Writer and Director (1986, 30 minute documentary)
The film explores the myth of the Zionist pioneers and was broadcast on Channel One Israeli TV, and later on Educational TV.
“Rafi ‘93” - Writer and Director (1993, 53 minute documentary) about the artist Rafi Lavie. Awarded special mention in the 1994 Israeli Short Film Competition
Emile Habibi - I Stayed in Haifa” - Writer and Director (1997, 58 minutes, documentary) about the life and works of  famed Palestinian author and political leader, Emile Habibi.
1997 Berlin Film Festival, The International Forum of Young Cinema
1997 Jerusalem Film Festival - The New  Foundation Prize
1997 Amiens International Film Festival, Special Mention
LAHOLA” - (2001, 60 minutes, documentary) In Israel’s culture of immigrants, the transition from Europe to the Middle East is axiomatically a trauma. Author and filmmaker Arieh (leopold) Lahola gave voice to this ordeal through his films at a time when so few Israeli films were made and became a well-known author in Slovacia. The film concentrates on Lahola’s Israeli films, his books, and his remarkable life.
NACHMANY’S DIARIES” (2003, documentary. in work)
Debatable land and people. Jews and Palestinian Arabs in Galilee in the 40th.

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