Shlomi Elkabetz - Director

Born in Israel -  in 1973.
1999-2000 Terry Schreiber Studio- NY
Alternative theatre
Miesner Method
Acting for camera
1997-1998 Herbert Berghof Studio - NY
Acting with: Annie Jackson, Edi Morhouse, and Utta Hugen
Shakespeare and the classics with Geoffrey Owens & Susan Patrick
Dance, Stage violence, Masks, Clown work, Fencing, Singing, Speech therapy.
Play righting: William Packerd (NYU) Julie McKay
Directing: Salem Ludwig and Stephanie Cork.
School of Visual Arts – NY    :  Film making - Production and directing
New School University – NY  : Cinematography, Editing.
Colombia University –    NY   : Directing Actors.
Teaching Film Making in  ASCOLA TLV
Israeli Army: as a director, editor, producer for army documentaries.
Member of the “HAND SPEAK THEATRE COMPANY”  NY – Actor and Writer
“Here Theatre”  - NY :  The Nose      Lead role  by Gougol         Dir’ : Harold Lehman
                                         Two & Two  Lead role  by Ansky                    Lake Simons
                                         St. George      S. role  (Christian Mythology)  Lake Simons
H.B Showcase NY:       Phillip      in   ORPHANS        by Lyle Kassler                                 
                                       Richard  in   RICHARD lll  by Shakespeare                        
                                       John       in   LIFE IN THE THEATER by David Mamet
Full-length scripts:
“Shelter” - Producer:  Eitan Even for Channel 3 Israel.
“A Fantastic Comedy”   
2004:    "
PRENDRE  FEMME" (co-writer with his sister Ronit Elkabetz)

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