Vidi Bilu - Director

Born 1959


Academic Education
1983-1985: Studied at the department of still-photography in Hadassah College.
1986-1989: Studied cinematic arts at “Beit Zvi”, majored in directing.
Professional Experience

2006: Co-director and Co-writer of the feature film "
Close To Home"

2002: Director of one episode of the series “Yes or No”
(Video Productions, 25 min.).

2002: Editor of the documentary film “Maya Gets Married” (Yes Satellite Broadcast, 50 min.).

2002: Co-writer for the series “The Good Guys”.

2001: Editor of the documentary film “Subject: Uri Avneri”, directed by Amir Lev.
Co-owner, director and producer in “Talmus – Video and Software” Ltd.

Since 1998: Exclusive director of “Mifal Hapayis” (Israel's state lottery). Directed all of the organization’s promotion films.

Director of many other commercials.

1999: Director of the election commercials for the Greens’ Party.

1995-1997: Exclusive director of the G. Yafit infomercials.  Directed 85 infomercials as well as other
commercials for the G. Yafit corporation.

1995: Director of 15 state lottery commercials, for “Roll Productions”.

1995: Director of the documentary film “Monologues” (Roll Productions, 30 min.), in which people tell of friends who were killed during their army service. The film was commissioned by Cable Television, and was also broadcasted on Channel 2.

1993: Producer and director of the documentary film “Thirty Times Four” (65 min.). Co-director: Michaela Ettinger. The film tells the story of four 30 year olds, and was screened in all three cinemateques in Israel for a year, after which it was broadcasted on Channel 2.

1993: Director of several television articles.

1992: Producer of a documentary film about the Ethiopian immigrants in Israel.  Commissioned by “Argo Films”.

1991: Producer of three half-hour documentaries about the Authors Yemima Ternovich, Levin Kipnis and Avot Yeshurun.  Commissioned by the Council of Art and Culture.

1990-1993: Executive producer and assistant director in several TV shows, promotion films, documentary and fiction films.

The film “Thirty Times Four” was screened in these Festivals:

1994: The Haifa Film Festival

1995: The Andre Image Festival in the south of France.

A grant for the development of “Close to Home”, from the Medea Foundation.

January 1997: A grant from The Israel Film Foundation for the development of “Close to Home”, a full-length feature film.  Co-writer: Dalia Hagar.

1993: A grant from the Yehoshua Rabinovich Cinema Foundation, for the production of “Thirty Times Four”.

1993: A grant from The Foundation for Short Films, for the production of “Thirty Times Four”.   




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