Jacob Goldwasser - Director

Born 1950

(2000s) (1990s) (1980s)

"Meorav Yerushalmi"("Jerusalem Brew") - TV Serie 3rd. Season. (2008)

"She's got it" (2007)

"Meorav Yerushalmi"("Jerusalem Brew") - TV Serie 2nd. Season. (2005)

"Meorav Yerushalmi" ("Jerusalem Brew") (2003) - TV Series –  1st prize – Jerusalem Film Festival.  Winner of Israeli Film & TV Academy award

"Catching the Sky" (2000) TV Series - 1st prize – Jerusalem Film Festival.      Winner of Israeli Film & TV Academy award

Max & Morris"  (1994) 

"Over the Ocean" (1992) Winner of 9 Israel Film Academy awards

"The Skipper" (1988)

"Big Shots" (1982)  Special Jury Prize – "International Festival de Congac du Film Policier"

(1990s) (1970s)

"Flour & Videotape"  (2000) – documentary

"Girlfriends"  (1994) - documentary

"Transit"   (1980)

"Big Shots" (1982) (co-writing)

"Shalom, Prayer for the Road"   (1973)  

Three young women – Malka, Irena & yafit lose their jobs in a clothing factory and face a gloomy future. After they realize that their men are planning a "sting" operation from an illegal casino, and then abandon their women and fly to Brazil, the girls decide to take things into their own hands and finally sting the men off their loot.
When Morris, a fellow survivor of the Nazi concentration camps, comes to visit him in Israel in 1962, Menachem is of course glad to see him. Morris' tales about nearly limitless prosperity and opportunity in Canada intrigue him also, since he is deeply worried about the future of his family in war-ridden Israel. Perhaps he should relocate his family to Toronto. Menachem's ten-year-old son Haim is far too busy playing games and planning dangerous forays into neighboring countries to notice his father's preoccupations, and his brother-in-law is ferociously dedicated to implementing socialist ideals in a strong Israel and is not about to leave. However, his daughter Miri has been seeing a bad sort of fellow and is in real danger of getting into trouble with him. He sends his daughter to Toronto to get her out of trouble but has second thoughts about leaving Israel for good. —
Four men whose combined intellect does not reach into the triple digits decide to steal a safe full of foreign currency — not from a local bank, but from the police station. Based on a real-life incident,  the screenplay for this slapstick comedy-drama was co-written by a policeman, also a playwriter, Haim Merin, lending a certain voice of authority to the setting, and the director, Jacob Goldwasser. The comedic high point of the film is when the four thieves bumble and bang their way through the police station, while the policeman on guard duty slumbers on in blissful ignorance. The thieves may be running on more muscle than grey matter, more chemicals than Dow, and more luck than forethought, but they pull off the supposedly impossible robbery. From that point onward though, luck dwindles away as their greed surpasses their grasp of how to follow up on their success.
A heart warming story of single father, chiko Ben David, struggling over his only son.
Chico has been looking after his son for the past five years while his ex-wife has been gallivanting around in the United States. Now she has come back to Israel in the company of her new husband, a millionaire, and suddenly is taking an interest in their child. What's more, she wants custody. In this drama, the decent dad must battle his grasping wife in the courts. However, like David and Goliath, the outcome of the battle is not necessarily based on the size of the contestants.
Erich Nussbaum is a Jew who fled from Germany before the horrors of World War ll. He has settled in Israel for many years, but has always found it hard to adjust to life in his new homeland. He considers returning to Germany as he tires of trying to go through life as though nothing has happened

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