Ilan Heitner - Director

During the end of his Economy’s studies at Tel-Aviv University, Ilan came to the realization just, like in the film, that this isn’t really it. He started thinking about his life and collecting his thoughts into what later on became his best selling novel WISDOM OF THE PRETZEL.
The book spent over 46 weeks on one of the national best selling booklist’s.
After this success Ilan decided he wants to make a film out of the book.
Ilan decided to take some film courses at NYU. There he started to make short films, learned a bit about film making and returned to Israel with the script of the film
Once again he experienced many rejections and decided to do it on his own with a shoe string budget. He financed the film with the monies made from the book. So with an almost non- existing budget the film was made. The film was a great success in Israel and has already become a cult film just like the book.

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