Ori Inbar - Director


87-91 studies for BFA in Cinema & Television, Tel Aviv University




2002: Provence United. full length feature film.35 mm.85 min.

         awarded as Best Film at the 2002 Haifa international film festival


2001: Sherman in Winter. Drama made for 86 min.


2000: Other woman. Television drama series.


1998: Inside the Golden Statue. .( with Doron Tzabari).documentary. behind the scene of the production of the academy awards- the 52 min.


1997: Begin. Monodrama. Aone night in the life of the secluded former prime-minister of Israel.16 mm. 30 min.


1996: Too close to home.documentary. Video. 40min.


1995: The other half. A min.


1994: Drix’s brother.( with Doron Tzabari).drama.16mm. 52min


1991-1994: General manager of the promo department of  the Israeli cable television..






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