Oren Gvili - Director



Tel Aviv University – B.A., Dept. of Film and Television, supplemented with multi-disciplinary studies in art


Geva Studios – editing studies on AVID software


Freelance – director, scriptwriter and producer, animation artist


Geva Studios – assistant instructor, AVID software course


"Prayer for the Journey": Drama, 22 minutes. Scriptwriter and director: Oren Gvili. The film was shown on


"Screen Test" on Channel 2; at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque, within the framework of a symposium on film, with a parallel lecture; at the Haifa Festival; festivals abroad in France and Hollywood.


Director of commercials: commercials employing professional actors such as Zvulun Moshiashvili, Meital Gal, etc.


Director of the film "Rent": shown on "Yes" television.
Trailer Competition on "Hot" television – director of the trailer for the movie "Pits", featuring Lior Ashkenazi, Avraham Selectar, Miri Fabian


Director and Scriptwriter of the film "Secure Space": a 50-minute drama, filmed in February, with the support of the "Gesher " & "Maror Foundation". Award for best  TV drama in academy awards 2009 . Israel 22.10.2008 24 th   Haifa   international film festival   for drama contest  Haifa Art Foundation Award. Official selection karlovy Vary film festival.
"Punk Life": filmed as part of a conversion project, with the support of the "New Foundation"
Work In Progress :


"The Dreamer": a 120-minute drama. Scriptwriter and director, Oren Gvili. In the writing stage.

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