Ami Drozd - Director


1953                         Born in Warsaw Poland.


1964                         Immigrated to Israel - Kibbutz "Amir".


1976 - 1978              16mm film workshop at the "Medium" school, Tel-Aviv. Director A. Harary.


1978 - 1980              Film and television graduation - Saddle Back College Los Angeles U.S.A.


1980 - 1995              Film director and editor at Israel Television Network.


1996                        I established a post production company based on nonlinear equipment.


  * * *


I have been working as a film editor daily for the past 28 years, I have edited full length films, drama's, documentaries, and news items too numerous to list.

I have been working as a film director for the past 26 years.


The following is a list of films ( 16mm and video) that I directed:


2009                        "My Australia" - Feture film coproduction Israel, Poland. Director and Scriptwriter.


2007- 2008               7 short films. About the holocaust for Lohame Hageta'ot Museum.

                               (total 56 min). Permanent show in the Museum.


2006                        “Islam's history” following the history of the Moslem religion. (24 min). DVD Distribution In the Museon Of Islam Jerusalem.


2001-2005               “October Riot” A follow-up after the struggle of the Israeli Arabs, following October events. In common with Joli Gal. (60 min) Broadcasted on channel 1 Israel


2003                      “Ringelblum diarys” A movie that follows after renewed search of Ringelblum Diarys in Poland. Corporate Director with Verd Berman. (50 min). 
                              Broadcasted on channel 1 Israel

2002                     "Mother Will Fly A Kite” Documentary film. A Mother's special way of dealing with the absence of her husband (killed in the Army). (30 min)
                             Broadcasted on channel 1 Israel


2001-2002             “The 1948 Generation” A two film series. The history of the Sabra and the departure from his culture. (45 min each). Broadcasted on channel 8 Israel


2000                     “Soroka 40 Years” shot film on the history of Soroka hospital. (14 min).


                            “Millennium In The Holy land” 30-video clips one minute each.


1999                     “Gospel music” Documentary on a gospel choir from Chicago.

(16 min)


1998                     “Holy day of holy days” documentary on the activities of Jewish and Arab artists.  Organized by Beit hagefen Haifa. (18 min).


1998                     “March of Living” documentary following a group of Hungarian holocaust survivors through their visit to concentration camps in Poland.   (50 min) 

1998                     “Second Rape” documentary, on the techniques of investigation used by Israeli police.     (16 min)

1997                     “Alexander Technique” documentary film about the followers of Alexander and the new direction this technique is taking.   (50 min)

1995                     “Cinema Josef” Imaginary world of a puppet theater figure (Josef). Special program for children explaining imagination and reality in cinema.     (75 Min)


1995                     "Neighbors" A documentary film about theater activity of Arab Jewish youth. - (15 Min).


1994                     "Albania" A documentary film (produced in Albania after the regime change). - (65 Min).


1993                     "You Can’t Hide It " A documentary film about the life of midgets in Israel. (50 min)


1993                      Video clip (With a Rap music 4 min)


1992                     "Miki" A documentary report about an original creation in Israeli art.

                             (12 min)


1992                     "Arava" A documentary film for the Israeli Air-Force.    (25 min)


1991                     "The Righteous" A documentary film about an encounter between holocausts survivals with their survivors in Israel.    (15 min)


1991                     "Ancient Sculpturing" A documentary film about Israeli sculpture that uses old methods.    (12 min.)


1990                     "Jano Jack" - A documentary film on an Israeli painter.   (14 min.)


1990                     "Mourning In Av" - A Documentary Fiction about the distruction of the Second Temple.     (50 min.)


1990                     "Family fun" - Flying in ultra light as a Family Pastime.    (5 min.)


1990                     "Jewish Aristocracy" - A documentary film on the Jerusalem Archaeological Excavations.   (23 min.)


1989                      Associate Director to Andrzej  Wajda film "Korczak".


1988                     "The Dibuk Of Andrzej Wajda" - A film about Andrzej Wajda directing the "Dibuk" in Israel. (59 min.)


1988                     "Complicated Relationship" A survey of a group of Polish filmmakers to the Haifa Film Festival -(Including Krzysztof Kieslowski and Janusz Zaorski) 
                             -(16 min.)


1987                     "To Kill a Subject in One Minute" - An Artist dealing With His Model. (1 min.)


1986                     "To Be a Pilot" (16 min.)


1985                     "Police Orchestra" (12 min.)


1984                     "Wedding Singer" - A film for children (15 min.)


1984                     "Engine Driver" - A film for children (12 min.)


1982                     "Relationship With Father" - A documentary on the creation of the series "Michel Ezra Safra and his sons" focusing on the three main personalities:
                             the director, the writer, and the main actor.   (14 minutes)


1979                     U.S.A. - "Portrait Of An Artist" - A street Artist sculpts candies on a stick.     (16 minutes)



1978                     U.S.A. - "A Car That Loved" - A relationship between a man and his car.          (12 minutes)

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