Ofra Sarel-Koren - Director



1983-1986 – BA in Television and Cinema Studies, Tel Aviv University.

1982-1982 – Nissan Nativ’s Acting Studio.


Professional Experience


2001-2003 – The Wing Maker (59 min.). Director, writer and researcher. 

 Producers: Marek Rosenbaum and Itay Tamir,

 Transfax Productions.

1996-1998 – Film and news articles’ director for the Channel 2 investigative

   reporting magazine “Uvda”.

1994-1996 – The House Where Cockroaches Die of Old Age” (60 min.).

 Director, writer and researcher, an autobiography of the author 

 Yoram Kanyuk.  Producer: Haim Manor, Maagalot Productions.

 Screened: at the Jerusalem Film Festival in 1996, in the Film

 Academy Contest in 1996, and in several international festivals,

 as well as Channel 8.

1993 -           Director and writer of several articles for the Channel 8 TV show “Prejudice”.

1991 -          “On The Tip Of My Tongue” (27 min.). Director.
 Producers: Eshel Communications. Actors: Yossi Graber, Edna Fliedel and others).

 This film won the first prize award in an International Film  

 Festival, in the Elderly Films Category.

1989-1991 – Director and writer of several TV shows for Channel 1.

1989 -          “Eat Well, Eat Right!” (28 min.). Director.

Producers: Eshel Communications. Actors: Zaharira Harifai,  

Edna Fliedel and Mordechi Ben Zeev.

1988 -           “My Grandma Is Many Stories” (28 min.). Director, writer, researcher and producer.

A documentary film made as part of a final project in the School of Television and Cinema Studies in Tel Aviv University.

This film won the Short Film Award in the Jerusalem Film Festival in 1988, and a special commendation in the Mugrabi Awards in 1989.

This film was screen in international festivals, on Channel 2 and The Educational Channel.


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