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Director - Rotem Zisman Cohen

When we look at a person walking down the street, we only see a human being. Just like looking at a tree, the roots are not visible. Eighteen months ago, with a growing desire to become a mother, I looked deep inside myself and I asked: Who am I? What are my roots?

More Alive Than Dead

Director - Tzachi Schiff

Was he a revolutionary genius who changed our thought and sought to release humanity from the mind-forged shackles of oppression, religion and hypocrisy? Or was he a greedy, devious, charlatan who swindled theories from others?
He died in 1939, yet his presence makes him "More Alive Than Dead".
Sigmund Freud!

Secure Space - Drama

Director - Oren Gvili

It is wedding day. Along with their families, the bride and the groom are stranded in a shelter while the Second Lebanon war is raging outside in the city of Haifa. In addition to the usual pressures involved with wedding preparations there is an extra stress caused by being jammed in the shelter.

The Language Wars

Director - Alexander Kaplan

"The Language Wars" concerns the conflicts within one family of Israel's last great immigration wave—that from Russia. The film follows the daily life of each character in his interactions with Israeli society. A quote from the family's son best summarizes what that means:

"Hi, my name is Danik and I'm almost 7 and my sister Karin is almost 5. We were born in Haifa we're Russians because that where our family is from.


Director - Iftach Shevach

The film follows 4 agriculturalists in mythological Moshav Nahalal. The camera accompanies the families for a year. The film focuses on the Nahalal elders who know this may be the last year in which they can work and complete a cycle of crops.
They work until their dying day, as they deal with inter-personal conflicts and the conflicts between man and land.

Lake 68

Director - Irit Shamgar

"Lake 68' " tells the story of a group of friends who meet every summer in a tiny village named Dluzek in northern Poland. They come from Sweden, Denmark, France, Canada, USA, Netherlands and Israel. All were born in Poland and expelled from there in March 68', in a well known official outburst of anti-Semitism, connected somewhat with the "Six Day War" in Israel. Jews lost their jobs, were expelled from universities, and some were imprisoned. Most have not found a real homeland since and define themselves as "being from nowhere."

Love Thy Neighbor

Director - Dushan Yodek

On the 24 September 1945, a couple of months after the end of World War II, there was an anti-Jewish pogrom in the town of Topoľčany. It was prepared beforehand by an influential and numerous group of local Aryanizers. They founded allegedly a secret organization with the aim to hound out of the town all Jews who survived the Holocaust and came back from the extermination camps.

Operation Moses

Director - Radu Mihaileanu

20th century Operation Moses – a secret exodus from Ethiopia - was an incredible human adventure and a huge task for the secret services.

Operation Moses was secretly organized by the Israeli Mossad and the USA with the help of non governmental organizations and unofficial consent from the governments of Sudan, France, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland.

39 Pounds of Love

Director - Dani Menkin

39 Pounds of Love is the inspirational and humorous non-fiction account of a remarkable man and a remarkable journey.

Ami Ankilewitz was diagnosed with an extremely rare and often fatal form of SMA/2 that severely limits his physical growth and movement yet at 34 years of age, he continues to outlive a doctor's prediction of life expectancy by 28 years. And counting.

Be Fruitful and Multiply

Director - Shosh Shlam

The most important biblical commandment in the Jewish Ultra-Orthodox community is "Be Fruitful and Multiply". The man is commanded to procreate, but it is the woman who is the instrument for fulfilling this purpose.

The Diaries of Yossef Nachmani

Director - Dalia Karpel

This film presents a portrait of the complex and contradictory personality of the man largely responsible for the Zionist enterprise in the Galilee during the 1930s and 40s.
Nachmani, who was director of the Jewish National Fund office in the Galilee, set him self the goal of acquiring as much land from Arabs as possible and establishing Jewish settlements upon it.

The Wing Maker

Director - Ofra Sarel-Koren

Does the “ Next World ” really exist ? And if it does, where can we find it? Questions about the world beyond, from a personal perspective. During the last year of her life, the director’s grandmother wished upon her self that God would spare her soul.


Director - Michale Bognim

Odessa …Odessa is a trilogy that brings us from Odessa in the Ukraine to « Little Odessa » in New york and Ashdod, Israël.
Through different characters the question of wondering hopes, illusions and dreams of freedom will be raised . This journey into time and places is the story of all the diasporas.

From Language to Language

Director - Nurit Aviv

Ten people, all poets, writers, or singers, speak of the relationship between Hebrew and the language of their childhood -a language whose music still echoes in them even if they no longer remember it. In a series of portrait-monologues the spectrum of language is revealed.

The King Of Ratings

Directed by - Doron Tsabari

Anyone wishing to understand the spirit of the times in Israel during the ‘90s and turn of the 21st century, must consider TV star Dudu Topaz. His program, Harishun Babidur, (The First in Entertainment) has led the ratings list for nearly six years straight.

Sherman In Winter - Drama

Director - Ori Inbar

In a small town in North Israel the Mayor’s 12 year-old daughter and Ora Greenberg, the beloved schoolteacher, disappear.

Israel Sherman a weathered, tired older policeman, highly praised and admired by the local residents, leads the investigation of the disappearances and tries to find the connection between the two.

Leopold Lahola

Director - Dalia Karpel

The transition from Europe to Israel is one of the fundamental traumas in Israel immigrant culture. Leopold Lahola, author and filmmaker, expressed this trauma in two ways. First, in film, during a period in which Israeli cinema was virtually nonexistent. Second, as a writer who achieved repute in Slovakia.


Directors - Hadar Kleinman & Timna Goldstein

The film observes the status of the women within the “Afro-American Israelite” community, through their attitude towards polygamy. The story of husband and wife Hazriel and Zipora, and Er’ela, the new wife, is followed through-out all of it’s developments. Their story tells a painful human story which may reflect to a large extent on the place of women in society.

With Rules - Drama

Director - Dover Kosashvilli

The film is about Zaza, a 12 year old boy from a low income Georgian family living in Israel, who decides to steal petty cash from his parents hiding place in order to get a unique picture for his album collection, “Amazing World” .

The Stage Fever

Director - Itai Tamir

The film is following the 80th year celebration of Habima, Israel's national theater.
A tribute play, by Roni Ninyo, is brought up at the theater for its 80th anniversary. The film follows a young actress trying to get accepted to the theater while she confronts the Age problem at the theater, why young TV stars are more favorite than the old theater actors.
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