Sherman In Winter - Drama

Director - Ori Inbar


Cast: Nathan Datner, Alon Abutboul, Chuck Berkman, Maria
Ovanov, Liat Goren


2002, 85minutes, screening formats: 35mm, DVD, Beta

In a small town in North Israel the Mayor’s 12 year-old daughter and Ora Greenberg, the beloved schoolteacher, disappear.

Israel Sherman a weathered, tired older policeman, highly praised and admired by the local residents, leads the investigation of the disappearances and tries to find the connection between the two. His partner is the son of a former colleague whose career he ruined.

Sherman and his faithful assistant delve into Ora Greenberg’s past. They meet with neighbors, colleagues and anyone who can shed light on Ora’s nature. After gathering small pieces of information the police still know little about her. Sherman interviews the Mayor and his wife trying to figure out what led to their daughter’s disappearance.

The investigation yields no information relevant to the case until Ora Greenberg’s bloodstained car is found in another city.

The lab results determine that the blood came from a felon known to the police. During his interrogation he breaks down and admits to killing the student and teacher but his confession is filled with contradictions.

Sherman has a hunch that the confession isn’t all that it’s cracked out to be and takes a new direction in the investigation. His methods are both methodical and mysterious, and the conclusions reveal a dark, nasty secret about the lives of all involved.

Based on a novel by Amnon Dankner
This film deals with the painful issue of incest and tries to bring the topic to public awareness.

Script: Moshe Zonder
Photography: David Gurfinkel
Music: Yossi Babliki
Editing: Simon Spector



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