Leopold Lahola

Director - Dalia Karpel           
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2001, 60 min Language: Hebrew/Slovak

The transition from Europe to Israel is one of the fundamental traumas in Israel immigrant culture. Leopold Lahola, author and filmmaker, expressed this trauma in two ways. First, in film, during a period in which Israeli cinema was virtually nonexistent. Second, as a writer who achieved repute in Slovakia. Lahola arrived in Israel in 1949 and attempted to create cinema in Israel and about Israel, then returned to continue his work in Europe. This specific route, Europe-Israel, after the trauma of the Holocaust, by a filmmaker and writer, is rare and merits attention.
When he arrived in Israel, Lahola was regarded as a renowned artist. “Tent City” (1951) was viewed as his breakthrough in Israel. Despite this, his drama “Every Mile a Stone” (1955) was coldly received, shelved and subsequently lost. In 1956, Lahola left Israel and returned to Europe. He established himself in Munich. In 1968 he returned to his native Slovakia to direct his last film. The film Lahola focuses upon his cinematic work during the course of the life of this artist who belonged to Israeli culture but who is remembered by no one.

Spript: Dalia Karpel  
Photography: Richard Krivda, Uri Ackerman
Editing: Anat Lubarsky



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