The Golgotha Files

Director - Zoltan Spirandelli
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Cast: Marco Girnth, Katharina Schüttler, Adnan Maral and Nina Hartmann

T.V. Movie for RTL, 90 Min.

"The Golgotha Files" is a fast-rich adventure film, which will lead our charming hero from Munich to spectacular locations in Rome, the Vatican, Israel and Turin. Enter twinning with a fascinating love story between two dissimilar people who would never engage in real life , but when a life-threatening situations arose which makes one dependable on someone else.
Will this "odd couple" share the same destiny ? Forever ?! 
Israel, Judean somewhere in the mountains. An excavation team discover in a cave, a millennium-old mystery. A secret that is so large that it will develop into a deadly danger to its discoverers.
Schlesinger, a renowned archaeologist who has made the incredible discovery, will be victim of an attack, where all of his staff will find death, however the ambitious scientist who survived the attack dies three weeks later - in a mysterious failed liver transplant in Munich. Schlesinger 's daughter, Felicia , which was not in contact with her father for many years , discovers that her father was involved in some kind of excavations in Israel which no body new any thing about furthermore she discovers that the organ downer of her father was poisoned – there fore the archeologist was murdered! by Whom? And above all: Why?
Felicia embarks on a journey to solve the mystery of her fathers death, joining her is the surgeon who made the transplant, which at first is a suspect of Schlesinger's murder.
Together they discover that Schlesinger excavation had some thing to do with a secret that may destroy the very foundations of Christian faith for ever.
Script: Conny Lens
Production Company:
UFA TV Production GmbH (Germany)




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