Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me

Director -  Hadar Morag


2015, Israel


Hebrew, Arabic

94 minutes  



72th Venice Int'l Film Festival - Orizzonti Competition
Haifa Int'l Film Festival

Int'l Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival

Belgrade Int'l Film Festival



Cast: Muhammad Da'as, Yuval Gurevich

Muhammad, a rejected boy from the fringe of society, floats through the streets of a filthy city, exposed and desolated, until he meets Gurevich; a lone rover who rides his motorcycle into the bowels of the city, through the shadows of the back alleys, sharpening the knives of butcher shops and gourmet restaurants. Stubborn and tenacious, the boy forces his way under the man's wing. Within this hypnotic urban hell, what starts as an unstable and hesitant apprenticeship evolves into a struggle for self-control.



Script: Hadar Morag

Production : Cassis Films, EZ Films 




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