Director - Rotem Zisman Cohen 


 2016, 40 min.


Haifa Int'l Film Festival


When we look at a person walking down the street, we only see a human being.

Just like looking at a tree, the roots are not visible.

Eighteen months ago, with a growing desire to become a mother, I looked deep inside myself and I asked:

Who am I? What are my roots? What will pass on to the next generation?

Images ran in my head, I saw before my eyes my grandmother, my father, my mother, the sheer nature, and I realized I was part of a puzzle.

A puzzle I want to complete by becoming a mother.

I delved deeper into my roots and I extracted from them childhood memories that played a significant part in the development and lives of my family members and which also affected me directly.

The result are my observations which are so complex and yet so simple.

Examining my precious memories of childhood, as well as now looking to the future, and envisioning the spiritual DNA that I will pass to my future child. 


Producer : Marek Rozembaum




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